$150 Reward with PNC Bank Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend

Get a reward of $150 from PNC Bank. PNC Bank Reward page for more details and to open an account.

1.25% APY Money Market from UFB Direct

1.25% annual percentage yield is available on a money market account from UFB Direct.

$50 Limited Time Bonus at MotifInvesting.com

For a limited time, Get $50 cash when you open a new brokerage account with $1000 or more. Learn more at MotifInvesting.com


Motif InvestingGet $50 cash when you open a new brokerage account with $1000 or more. Learn more at MotifInvesting.com.

You like earning high savings account ratesAmerican Express Bank: High-Yield Savings 
0.84% APY Ally Bank: Online Savings
0.80% APY ING DIRECT: Orange Savings
0.65% APY FNBO Direct: Online Savings

Click over to the Savings Account Rate chart page to see how these No minimum Savings Account rates compare with other high-yield savings accounts.

No Minimum Savings Account Rates

You like earning high savings account ratesAmerican Express Bank: High-Yield Savings
0.84% APY Ally Bank: Online Savings
0.80% APY ING DIRECT: Orange Savings
0.65% APY FNBO Direct: Online Savings

Click over to the Savings Account Rate chart page to see how these No minimum Savings Account rates compare with other high-yield savings accounts.

Top CD Rates Remain Constant

While some of the lower yielding CDs have had their rates raised in the past few weeks and some of the middle to higher yielding CDs were adjusted downward, the top earners have remained consistent. The top of the CD rate charts are dominated by just three banks: Discover Bank, Colorado Federal Savings Bank, and EverBank.

Top 3-Month CD Rate

Unlike the other two banks, EverBankTop 6-Month and 1-Year CD Rates

Holding two top spots on the CD rate charts is Colorado Federal Savings Bank. This bank hasn't changed its rates since February which helped it hang on to the #1 spots on the 6-Month CD rate chart and the 1-Year CD rate chart. Colorado Federal Savings Bank's 6-Month CD earns 0.80% APY and the 1-Year CD earns 1.05% APY. Minimum deposit to open a certificate of deposit at Colorado Federal Savings Bank is $2,500.

Top 2-Year, 3-Year, 4-Year, and 5-Year CD Rates

This next bank owns the next four top spots on our CD rate chart. It's Discover Bank. Their top earning CDs are 1.15% APY for 2 years, 1.35% APY for 3 years, 1.55% APY for four years, and 1.75% APY for 5 years.

While Discover Bank's 2-Year, 3-Year, and 4-Year CD rates are uncontested for the top spot, it's only fair to mention that Discover Bank shares the top spot for the 5-Year CD with iGObanking and Third Federal Savings & Loan. Of the three, Discover Bank's minimum deposit requirement is the highest at $2,500. For those with smaller deposits, the same rate can be obtained at iGObanking with a minimum deposit of $1,000 and at Third Federal Savings & Loan with a minimum deposit of $500.

Here are the top CD rates as of July 12, 2012. Rates are listed as annual percentage yield (apy).

3 Mo CD: 0.66% APY at EverBank
6 Mo CD: 0.80% APY at Colorado Federal Savings Bank
1 Yr CD: 1.05% APY at Colorado Federal Savings Bank
2 Yr CD: 1.15% APY at Discover Bank
3 Yr CD: 1.35% APY at Discover Bank
4 Yr CD: 1.55% APY at Discover Bank
5 Yr CD: 1.75% APY at Discover Bank

Don't forget to check out each bank's review page to find out what current and former customers think about the bank.

NuVision Federal Credit Union $150 Bonus

NuVision Federal Credit Union

The First $50 Bonus

The Free Checking account needs to be opened with a minimum deposit of $100. To earn a dividend on the account, there must be a minimum balance of $2,500. A Direct Deposit of at least $300 must be established within the first 90 days. eStatements must be established and maintained. If the promotional requirements are met, the $50 will become available after the initial 90 days.

The Second $50 Bonus

The checking account must remain active for at least 90 days to earn the second $50. That means there must be a minimum of 5 signature based transactions per month, for the first 3 consecutive months.  

The Third $50 Bonus

The last bonus requires you to set up Online Bill and make a minimum of 3 bills paid online per month for the first 3 months.

Membership in NuVision Federal Credit Union is required to open an account and receive the bonus. NuVision has an easy way to qualify for membership: NuVision will enroll you in the American Consumer Council (ACC) at no initial cost and that allows you to meet the credit union's membership criteria. You are not required to maintain your membership in ACC after you become a member of NuVision Credit Union.

NuVision Federal Credit Union has over 11 branches located throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties and 1 branch located in Mesa, Arizona.

See the Checking Account Bonus page at NuVision Federal Credit Union for more details.

$125 Cash Bonus from Chase

Open a Chase Total Checking account with a $100 opening deposit, set up direct deposit and get a $125 cash bonus.

The direct deposit must be made to this account within 60 days of account opening in order to qualify for the bonus.

The $125 bonus will be deposited into your new account within 10 business days after Chase receives your first direct deposit.

The Chase Total Checking account charges a $12 Monthly Service Fee ($10 Monthly Service Fee for CA, OR and WA)  unless any one of the following requirements are met each statement period: #1: Have a monthly direct deposits totaling $500 or more made to this account; OR, #2: Keep the daily balance in your checking account at or above $1,500; OR, #3: Keep an average daily balance of $5,000 or more in any combination of qualifying Chase checking, savings and other balances.

Account features include free Online Banking and Online Bill Pay, free Chase Debit Card with built-in security, free Text and Email Alerts, and 24/7 access with Chase Mobile on your phone.

This $125 bonus offer is valid through 8/18/12.

See the Chase Bonus Offer page for more details.

Ally Bank No-Penalty CD

With rates on bank products like savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) falling almost daily, there is great incentive to lock-in a rate now to preserve future interest income. A CD account will do just that.

By depositing your money into a CD account, the bank agrees to give you a specific interest rate over the life of the CD term. In return, you, as a depositor, agree to not withdraw your principal (your deposit amount) until the CD term ends.

By getting a CD, you protect yourself from future rate cuts and the loss of income that results from it.

But what if you unexpectedly need the money before the term ends? Let's say that your car needs a new battery and you don't have enough money in your checking account to cover the cost? That money you've got locked away in the CD can come in handy right about now, but there is a catch. If you pull the principal amount out from the CD, you will incur a penalty. That penalty could be several months worth of interest.

That's one of the reasons people avoid getting a CD. It's the fear that they will need the money before the CD matures. In order to avoid the whole withdrawal penalty issue, they end up getting a savings account instead. So while they can withdraw funds without penalty, they wind up watching their interest rate diminish month after month as banks cut rates.

But Ally Bank has another option. It's a No-Penalty CD. It combines the benefits of locking-in a rate with the ability to get your money out penalty-free.

The No-Penalty CD lasts for a period of 11 months. That's 11 months of not having to worry about rate cuts and decreases in your monthly earnings. But the big benefit of this CD is that if you find that you need your money back before the CD matures, you can get your full balance back any time after the first six days of funding the account without penalty.

Another great thing about Ally Bank's No-Penalty CD is that you won't be giving up too many percentage  points by choosing this CD over a regular CD or a savings account. As of this writing, the No-Penalty CD earns 0.96% annual percentage yield (APY) (UPDATE: The No-Penalty CD earns 0.91% APY as of 12-23-11). Ally Bank's regular 1-Year CD earns 1.02% APY and the No-Penalty CD actually earns more than Ally's Online Savings account which earns 0.89% APY.

So if you are one of those people comparing rates and can't decide between the ease of making withdrawals from a savings account or the ability to lock in a rate with a CD account, consider the Ally Bank No-Penalty CD. You can lock-in a decent rate for the next 11 months and withdraw your money without penalty if you need it.

The Ally Bank No-Penalty CD has no minimum deposit requirement to open. Interest compounds daily. Visit Ally Bank for more details on the No-Penalty CD.

CD Rates

January 31 - No CD rate changes reported.

3 Mo 0.45% OneWest Bank
6 Mo 0.70% Colorado Federal Svgs Bnk
1 Yr 1.00% Colorado Federal Svgs Bnk
2 Yr 1.11% VirtualBank
3 Yr 1.25% Discover Bank
4 Yr 1.62% EverBank
5 Yr 2.15% iGObanking.com

Savings Account Rates

January 31 - No Online Savings Account rate or Money Market Account rate changes reported.

0.87% Ally Bank
0.85% American Express Bank
0.85% Colorado Federal Savings Bk
0.85% Discover Bank
0.85% FNBO Direct
0.80% First Internet Bank
0.75% iGObanking.com
0.74% Century Bank

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