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  Wednesday, 05-20-15 15:35
They will not help in any way. I have been on the phone for 5 dam hours. I have been transferred, hung up on, and lied to. No one should have to put up with this. where are the managers, why are the tweetless, clueless wonders incharge. RUN,RUN AWAY. If this bank is mentioned say HELL TO THE NO.

Tony M.
  Monday, 05-18-15 08:03
one of the most corrupt banks out there! I will NEVER do business with them again! FY Ally!

Christian H. Olufsen
  Friday, 05-01-15 11:53
I received an email that I had the sum of $32,000,000.00 Thirty two million. I was to print out a form to claim . When I got to my name it would not print it. I think it is a scam and nothing more. Ally bank Internional.

Jorge A. Diaz Rubio
  Saturday, 04-04-15 00:45
Ally is one of the most corrupt bank I has face, they not just deceived me, but they use a old stilling technique, yes I will complaint to ALL commission I has to, but this is just the beginning…...

Glenda Haygood
  Tuesday, 12-30-14 22:10
We paid off our loan with Ally, asked for our title to our car, they said they did not have the title to go to the DMV of Texas to get our title, I said I had never heard of any finance company to not hold the title, so I went to the DMV of Texas, the lady told me that Ally had my title to my car, I was furious that I had been LIED to, so I called Ally again, same song & dance, I told the lady I wanted my title to my car, that I knew they had it, or they would hear from our attorney, so we called the manager where we purchased our jeep & he said he would do what he could, he visited with Ally, they said they would be mailing the title that day, now what are they doing with our titles to our vehicles. Another scam in America sad to say, so beware of ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Friday, 11-21-14 14:38
Ally told me it would close my account if I did not provide a physical street address. I value my privacy, and I have a post office box which receives all my mail. This is a common practice in the United States and has been so for a very long time. Anyway, I told Ally to go ahead and close the account. There was no attempt to transfer me to an account recovery specialist, no understanding of privacy; it was goodbye to the customer, full stop. This is a despicable bank. That must be the reason why so much official effort is being made online and elsewhere to portray Ally as "number one," as if this bank is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It isn't. To Ally, the customer is the enemy.

No Score
  Thursday, 10-02-14 08:41
18 months of paying on my care and they havent reported one payment to any of the credit bureaus.... needless to say im taking my loan else where

  Thursday, 08-14-14 15:04
Don't EVER do business with these people. They are rude and will not do their job. Dealership got this blunder started when they set up the finance on our truck in June 2014. Within 3 weeks we were ready to go due to their rude ways. We've paid off the truck and have made too many long and lengthy calls all for nothing. They provided us with many case numbers and assurance that we would have our tittle, we'll it's August 14, 2014. They are now again asking for another 24 -48 hrs. REALLY? Stay away from Ally. Save yourself the aggravation.

  Tuesday, 07-29-14 13:05
I have been requesting a deferment form be faxed to me for 7 days now, I have called back and chatted with them 4 times since I first requested it. Every time I am told it will be 24 to 48 hours to receive the fax. It has been over 168 hours and still no fax and the collections department calls me at least 3 times a day. How hard is it to fax a simple form?

  Wednesday, 06-11-14 08:37
Your question is very broad. You are leikly asking about a consumer finance company. Finance companies generally function as intermediaries between banks (and other capital sources) and consumers. They facilitate the purchase of various items by consumers.An example would be: auto loan companies (GMAC, Ford Credit).References : Was this answer helpful?

Anthony S
  Monday, 06-09-14 17:33
Worst company EVER!!!! in 2010 they changed their name from GMAC to ALLY, they didn't bother telling any of their customers so if like me you have automatic payments from your bank account your vehicle got repossessed as your bank like mine won't authorize a payment to a "new" entity that you have not approved. After months of useless phone calls to the rudest people on this earth, (most of whom speak very little English) being constantly hung up on with 20-30 minute wait times, I finally had to threaten a lawsuit to have it removed from my credit. They refunded some of my expenses to get my truck back and removed it from my credit report. Now 4 years later, I paid the truck off last month and they sent me my title. The end right? No, they are again reporting the truck as repossessed as of June 8, 2014, the date I paid it off and got the title. They are telling me that I need to file a complaint with the credit bureau and while admitting they are screwing me again, refuse to fix their mistake. I will NEVER again buy a GMAC vehicle because of this rip-off zero customer service company. Their TV commercials are a joke. They have no customer service unless you consider being on the phone for hours to be constantly transferred back and forth customer service.

  Tuesday, 01-14-14 21:09
Ally repo'ed my car after 6 years on the last payment and screwed up my payment history. Please if you have had the same problem please file a complaint with the consumer financial protection Bureau!

  Thursday, 12-26-13 10:25
I haven't received money market statements for 2 months. Customer service says there is a problem and they haven't figured out how to resolve it and they don't want to go public with this issue. I decided to help them out and filed a complaint with the FDIC. Let's see what happens.

  Friday, 12-20-13 15:05
Repoed my car for missing one payment after paying on loan for 7 years!! Never received a 'Notice of Cure', or a 'Notice for Redemption', I still don't know where my car has been taken! I have called Ally for the past 4 days, all I have received was rude, threatening idiots! Anyone that praises those idiots be warned wait until your loan is down to having only 2 payments left and they repo YOUR CAR! They have left me without any transportation to get to work, or buy food! They have threatened me if I dont pay 2,000 within 15 days they will sell my car. GOOD LUCK all of you who PRAISE THIS EVIL BANK!

Report Ally Financial
  Friday, 11-29-13 14:16
THANK GOODNESS! Hello all, I too have had the worst customer service experience in my life. The story is the same, none of their reps "know" what is happening, even their "Executive Level Service Rep" (Eric H. at Branch 622.) Although Eric seemed to be an American whom I hoped couldn't confuse the term "is" with "may," I guess it was even more heartbreaking because his interest in my concerns were still hidden far away in the Philippines. The company's core business philosophy is backwards, perhaps that is how they make ALOT of money. It was extremely hard to pay my first bill, so hard that I had to call 3 times in 6 weeks to speak with a half a dozen reps. The system in place is designed to keep us in the dark with dead ends, including their reps (I'm assuming) because none of them can see the activities posting in our account. For example, I received an email from Ally "Thanking" me for the autopay that has processed. (Note: Autopay dates can only be set for the day the bill is due, not a day earlier.) And three weeks prior, I asked a rep (stationed overseas-Philippines) what would happen if the autopay didn't go through, as it was my first payment, and I like to plan for continggencies) She replied, "We would take the car." I was dumbfounded. I talked out the logistics of that scenario outloud to her, to see if her common sense could really accept the situation if I said it again...She corrected herself and said, "Oh, there is a 10-day grace period mam." I asked, "So what would happen within those 10 days? Would you call me? Or email me? Or......................." It was like talking to a 3rd grader. After I received the confirmation that the autopay was accepted, I checked my checking accounts and wasn't surprised. I waited two days and finally called today. Never thought I would have to fight the a company to take my payment due. Thankfully, I'm not alone. I can laugh this off now and will happily call them every month to make sure my payment went through, to beat them at their own game. I've set up an autopay through my end from my checking account, and hopefully they don't "misplace" it. To be con't.

  Thursday, 11-28-13 15:26
Ally is the absolute death of common sense financial services. It is the worst ever pseudo bank devoid of good practices and treating customers with below 760 credit score LIKE ABSOLUTE DESPERATE SHIT. Their faulty, unprofessional website (built by kickbacks and non-transparent vendor relations) sucks so bad, that only sorry-ass "high risk" consumers are a subject of its careless evil loan dungeon. I hate their bailed out guts, their hicksville management and their stupidity. I wish they go out of business NOW.

  Friday, 10-04-13 02:08
Ally will steal your car and your soul. BEWARE! my car got repossessed for...less than half of the last payment! I bought the damn car brand new paid OVER 25,000 and they repo for under $150. PLEASE if you have problems with Ally financial Report to the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. Report to your state attorney General. Ally is getting away with way too much!

bob sander
  Saturday, 09-28-13 22:59
Ally Repo your car?! **BEWARE** they are taking advantage of people. PLEASE go look at this Facebook page :

  Monday, 09-09-13 12:15
TO sanjosemike, I agree totally. when you make on time payment regardless of your situation you don't have to worry about calls and reps being rude and that is with any bank. I have a vehicle financed through Ally and I try not to call them EVER, but that is with any creditor. Make ur payment on time and you should not have to! It is what it is, we all have fallen on hard times including myself, but you ever notice when your payment is paid and on time how many creditors are calling you? NONE..

Get your SH*T together AL
  Monday, 07-08-13 12:53
Nothing like waking up to having your car repoed, I mean stolen by Ally in the middle of the night. Do to hurricane Sandy wiping out my home. the stresses and financial burdens which came with it caused me to fall behind 2 months on my car payments. In April I owed a balance of 1116.11 which included 2 months plus late fees plus some misc $75 fee (?) and my next payment was shortly due. I scrapped the money together and paid this balance online plus an additional $400. for cushion. I called the following day to make sure I was at a positive balance. I was told I did not owe anything until some time in June. I wake up last night at 430AM to my wife standing over me asking where is your car? I immediately called the police whom informed me my car had been repoed. I checked my account online to find the late fees and misc $75 fee where never removed. I call ally starting at 7AM. for 3 hours I get transferred and transferred, no one can tell me anything. no one can explain my account to me. and the kicker, not only do they say they have no info pertaining to the repo, they claim that they did not repo my car and that there is no repo order in place. they say someone must have impounded my car!! The tow companies owner was far more helpful and has even made a call on my behalf. Finally spoke to a person in the US and am awaiting resolution. it is now 12:45PM and I am pissed!!! had to call out of work today as well for their mistake!!

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