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Harpreet Bali
  Monday, 04-30-12 18:04
I will say never finance your car loan with this bank i got to know from other bank that they should suppose to send us a Lien title and it is required by fedreal law that i should have copy have it they never send me and rally gave me a big issues when i refaninced my car.They keep disconnecting my phone.

Go to SECU Credit union they gave me the half of apr rate of ally the best bank i have ever seen even you dont have good credit rating.

So if you need a car loan and going to ALLY is a big mistake your making in your life thats what i suggest you.

  Monday, 04-23-12 14:27
New customer to Ally and am overjoyed with the ease and convenience of a virtual internet bank. Best thing going as the only problems I had were my own mistakes, and I think that would be the problem of those complaints that I read.

Fraud help
  Monday, 04-23-12 12:58
I am going to file a police report against them for fraud! I called to see if my car loan got approved and there automated system asks for your social so I put it in and guess what to my surprise I had to accounts opened under my social and neither of them are for my truck! So I asked what is going on? Why do I have those to other accounts under my social and they had the guts to tell me if I couldn't provide them with the "vin" number to those other two Vehicles they couldn't give me no more information. I said I don't know since they are not my vehicles!!!! That's what I'm trying to figure out why they are under my social to begin with!!!! I don't know what to do other then to go to the police cause they won't give me any info even though it's my social!!! Redicules! And to top it off the loan i was calling about in the first place went through. So now I dont know what to do about that one all I know is that I want nothing to do with these people and bank!!!!!! Can anyone give me some advice my email is mendezfamily1@yahoo.

  Thursday, 04-19-12 20:46
Great bank. As per some of the comments below, have you ever used another banks? Example:
Check deposits of $5,000 or less will be available after 2 business days. For deposits over $5,000, the first $5,000 will be available after 2 business days and the remainder will be available after 4 business days. People are ignorant and do not understand policy and procedures. Maybe take some time to read/research before banking, they would then have a better understanding. Overall great bank and would recommend.

  Monday, 04-16-12 17:02
Wow. Sorry to see all the trouble everyone is going through with Ally. I have purchased 2 vehicles with Ally and never had a problem. I make my payments early and have never had problems with my payments processing. I hope I never get in financial trouble because it seems they won't have any sympathy for me.

  Monday, 04-16-12 08:39
I have been a long time customer of GMAC to buy vehicles and talked my wife into using them when she bought her Buick. Since Ally took over, all hell has broke loose! She has one payment left and they have been harrassing us now for a couple of months. She paid more than the amount required so she could pay it off quicker and that threw a wrench in the monkeyworks. She says she will never borrow from them again and I don't blame here. Beware of Ally Bank, they are no good. I hope they are reading this because I have written and called them trying to talk to someone reasonable but these foreigners just keep calling and harrassing us. Sick.

  Tuesday, 04-10-12 20:20
Beware of ALLY and GMAC I just closed on a mortgage refi that was owned by Fannie Mae ...Of course GMAC has been servicing it. I was told by GMAC that I had to refinance with them and no other lender...Even though they had the highest interest rate. They lied about closing cost and Good Faith Estimate was way off...I never seen so many junk fee's in a loan where the house had over 75% equity...Run away from this Bank Ally & GMAC since the FED's have already paid them a visit in April 2012...They can't continue to be dishonest and get away with it. Remember we are the ones that loaned them billions that they still have not paid back.

To Hmmm
  Tuesday, 04-10-12 00:06
The same thing is happing to me I got the same exact letter!!!! Except I purchased my truck in march still haven't made first months payment... What does it mean? Did my loan even get approved. I am so scared cause I already signed a contract as well. Have you found anything out?

  Sunday, 04-08-12 18:33
Bought a car in early April, signed contract and had my interest rate and everything was settled...... Or so I thought. Made my first payment 10 days before it was due, set up my on
Online account. Then I get a letter in the mail stating that they denied the terms of our agreement and had to send in new terms to the dealership.....? What? Its already listed as an account on my credit and they have me as an auto loan customer, of course you accepted the terms already.... Confused, and is it even legal for them to change the terms of an auto loan if it has been signed???

Chey Cobb
  Saturday, 04-07-12 19:40
I got an email from Ally today telling me that I was overdrawn. I called them and the rep and I discussed the error and I was told "everything was fine".

Twenty minutes later I discovered I was locked out of my account because they decided that the email FROM THEM was a phishing attempt. Not only that, but I could not access my money until Monday because accounting was closed until Monday. No, no, and no!!! THEY made a mistake and I got punished for it!! Nice work, Ally. You just failed miserably. I'm closing my account on Monday!

  Saturday, 04-07-12 08:50
I also have had problems with Ally. I received an email stating I had insufficient funds when I had more than enough money to pay the vehicle OFF. When I called to see what the problem was they acted like it never happened and everything was fine. I paid the vehicle off and will NEVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ALLY AGAIN!!!!

  Wednesday, 04-04-12 18:25
I have to agree with Arina from her 3/10/12 statement. I have a four savings/checking acct with Ally and have had no issues/concerns and/or problems. I had one acct with my grandson who mailed in his check w/o the deposit slip, I was afraid it would get lost. Ally assured me they would be on the look out & when arrive and posted they would call. Which they did so that I could confirm it was in the correct account. I have had no issues with their customer service. I just thought about something I do have one issue - I have four accts so I have four debit cards and it's hard to keep up with the accts that the cards are attached to.

caught inthe middle
  Tuesday, 04-03-12 11:16
Trying to voluntarily handle my deceased cousin's account because her only heir is in prison. Waiting for life insurance and for the prison system to cooperate and keep explaining this to ALLY. I've talked (loudly) to half a dozen people and have even made 3 payments with my own money since December but still get threatening phone calls all the time. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AND WILL ADVISE FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Mad Trustee
  Tuesday, 03-27-12 19:54
I opened an account as a trustee for my son. Before sending the money for some CDs, I asked if all the paper work should be done first BEFORE sending the money. I was assured that this would be an easy venture. Boy, did I make a mistake. They received my money but made me jump through hoop after hoop to get the account open. I lost 3 week' s worth of interest. I was told by a customer representative that I would be reimbursed for this money once the account was set up. Long story short.. it didn't happen despite my complaints. I was told that they would listen to the taped phone calls to verify my story. I have yet to hear back. The extra money one earns on their CDs in NOT worth it! Stick to a local bank. When the CDs mature, guess who will be losing my business?!!! What a bunch of arrogant, incompetent frauds!!! DON'T BANK WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!

  Monday, 03-12-12 15:44
Just purchased a car with Ally financing and after signing all the papers and having car for two weeks they want copies of income tax returns. I am not buying a car from GM or having them finance me. Why can't they get it right before I leave the showroom. I do not like being bothered at work because they forgot to do their job from the get go.

  Saturday, 03-10-12 23:17
I have had an online savings account with Ally for 4 years, as well as 3 CD accounts of different terms. I have never had any problems with making transactions, internal or external, or with opening or closing CDs. Customer service has always been pleasant and useful. I am a happy customer.

Pissed off customer
  Friday, 03-09-12 19:08
I have cleared checks and they still can't "find" my payments! R U F*** Kidding me????? Guess I need to stand in the long line of pissed off customers.

  Tuesday, 03-06-12 16:46
Posted Tuesday March 6 at 4:40 EST:

Ally's website for their banking has been down continuously since Sunday March 4 6pm EST when I tried to log in to find out whether some money I transferred had been sent to Chase bank. No explanation, no warning. I am reluctant to phone their "customer service" number, since I am no longer sure who I would be giving confidential info to. Or whether they would understand it.

I already gave them a blast on Friday March 2 for rolling over a CD maturing March 2, 2012 that I had talked to "chat" rep "Christine" about on February 28. She said it was set up to close on March 2, then apparently didn't bother to do anything. Friday March 2 I logged in to find it had been rolled over into another 2 year CD. I "chatted" a little more forcefully with another rep who said it would be closed. On Saturday it had been closed and was deposited into my savings account. I promptly set up a transfer of the entire amount to my Chase band. That's the last I have seen of my money, as I can no longer log in and find out whether it has been processed.

It certainly hasn't arrived in my Chase account yet - and now it is two business days since I requested the transfer.

If I don't hear anything by tomorrow I will be contacting Chase to find out if they have had anything come through. Then it will be a call to Ally Bank "phone line" and if no action there then a call to FDIC, followed by Fox News - they might be interested in finding out more about this government-run company during this election year.

Ally Sucks
  Saturday, 03-03-12 21:10
No lawsuit yet but we have been advised by an attorney to file suit against them that we definitely have a case for restitution. I personally think they need a class action lawsuit for harrassment, stupidity, lack of professionalism, and most importantly, unnecessary stress to the customer!

  Saturday, 03-03-12 16:32
again and again i see these auto loan complaints- however, ally BANK does not handle any loans...their parent company ally financial does. complaining on ally BANK forums about your auto loan is like complaining to Paramount pictures that you didnt get your moneys worth at your local theatre...

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