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  Friday, 03-02-12 16:11
Ally has a Customer Service Department? Highly unlikely, they don't seem to be customer oriented at all. My experience so far? Well the list goes on but I will make it short. Purchased truck in July 2011, going to pay it off next month but until then I have called them each time I sent in funds to reduce the Princ Balance only. Each time I checked on line they did not apply it right. Few days later, they did but their payment history 'SUX'. Add here, subtract there, dibble here, move there. They don't show you the beginning balance for a reason folks, They can't add or subtract so they don't want YOU to figure it out so they don't place the 'running balances'. Second princ balance reduction check sent, misapplied, really? Go figure, called and went through the same F'n rigamarol. Few days later, movement of monies all over the place. I am thinking it is about this time they are getting the idea they won't make alot of interest off me at this rate. Third Princ balance reduction check sent, this time they F'd it up yet again. I called 4 times on this one. Each and every F'n time there was a different answer. One person told me because I was so close to payment date it had to be applied to the payment. I said then what the 'F' about the auto pay? Response: "Oh ya". Went on forget for a few moments and rep came back " GOOD NEWS! We applied it correctly. Well I don't see it on my history. Only we can see that screen sir. So, what your telling me actually is go 'F' yourself Mr Q Customer? How Dare you insult my intelligence by thinking you have a screen that the customer is not allowed to see when it is the customers account and must be available. Also told them I wanted 'running balance' of my account, they didn't get what that was. I also asked for all the 'notes' relating to my account. I was told they don't keep notes. I advised as a financial institution your required to keep notes so your in violation of Fed Regs. Their reply then? Oh yes I meant we have notes but we cannot supply them to the customer. I asked, how about a subpoena? HOw about then. I don't think they know what a subpoena is because they think they are not required to comply with one. I asked for the address to send lawsuits too, I heard crickets on the other end. Then they asked me to repeat myself. I said I needed the address to send lawsuit papers to, you do get lawsuits, yes? Response? Oh yes all the time. OMFG!!!!. Go figure. I am in the process of seeking an attorney for numerous counts to include 'Unjust Enrichment'. As of todays date they have yet to apply the third check towards Princ Balance. Side note, The check itself in memo states to apply to Princ Blance reduction and an accompanying note in the envelope. At one time in a prior conversation the rep told me they even have a note in their system about the note in the envelope AND the check states how to apply. Where is the F'N ENGLISH in this country. And the processing location is in the US, so it is not outsourced over seas. Does anyone have a running lawsuit yet?

Ally Sucks!
  Friday, 03-02-12 15:26
Customer service cannot be found that speaks English, they cannot figure out to escalate your issue to a manager (maybe because they don't have any)and the dealership says, "Sorry, they are pissing a lot of customers off." Will never buy another GM is I have to finance thru them. So long GM, Ford is next door!

La Poeta
  Wednesday, 02-29-12 09:04
This bank advertises THE OPPOSITE of what they deliver!! I experienced THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF MY LIFE with this bank!! I was unable to pay online because my bank wasn't on their list. I called to make my care payment and they said the same after I waited 20mins. for someone to answer, but it was still computerized. Like one of the other comments said, they did not want to make it easy to pay your bill, mine was a car payment, and were extra eager to charge a fee for being late. They even charged me a late fee when I was actually paying early!! Needless to say, I MOVED MY CAR PAYMENT TO MY OWN BANK!!! NEVER USE ALLY!!!!!

The worst bank
  Monday, 02-27-12 17:15
I have been trying to work with Ally. It is all but impossible. They do not permit check deposits over 5000. They take 4 days to process an inter bank deposit. They cannot process a check to a joint account in the name of one of the participants from the other participant. In summary they are completely impossible to work with. It is also evident that they are not going to change.

  Thursday, 02-23-12 08:10
My husband has been dealing with Ally for the last few years, and I would swear that they're deliberately trying to make us pay late fees every month now that he's near the end of his loan. Every month he has to call in an fight with them for an hour just to get a payment made; every month he tells them he wants this to come out automatically, the same day every month; and every single time the payment doesn't come out as scheduled. We've decided to pay the minimum on our other debts so that we can save up and pay off his car in one go just to avoid dealing with this company. They're crooks and have the worst customer service of any company I've ever seen in my life.

Michael K
  Wednesday, 02-08-12 07:37
In regards to savings/CD accounts, I tried opening account online, after saving all the information AND getting confirmation number, I could not log back in. Multiple phone calls to that 'knowledgeable 24 customer service representative' that they advertise - and they can't find the information I've put in. I requested someone call me back, no phone call returns.

Complete incompetence. This bank is to be avoided on the savings side, go with american express or CIT bank for same rates.

Still Waiting
  Saturday, 02-04-12 11:49
Paid car off early, but Ally still took out next month's car payment. Called, and got the India's customer service (which is so hard to understand), and said the check has a 5 day waiting period. There was no check, it was taken out of our checking account and it cleared right then. Called 16 days later, and now they said it takes 10 days to clear. Then he said they mailed the mailed, it's been a week and no check! 1st of all, the taxpayer's bailed out G.M., at least get U.S. WORKERS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! 2nd, Don't give us the Runaround!!!
I probably won't buy a G.M. product, until Ally starts thinking U.S. 1st!!!

K Strat
  Tuesday, 01-31-12 17:17
Ally has been nothing but a nightmare for us. We finally found someone we thought was nice that could help us out as we were in a bad spot. We were 103 days behind our car loan and we spoke to a gentleman named Jeremiah. It was agreed that because he was so nice and polite that he would be our contact from Ally from then on. He and my husband (whose name the loan is in) agreed that he would make one payment on 12/20 and another on 01/03. The second payment was made 01/04 but that was accepted and the last time my husband spoke to this guy was on 01/06, when they agreed that since we couldn't make another payment until February they would speak about further payment arrangements then. We heard nothing more from Ally since 01/06, no calls or mail, and today a repossessor came and took our car.

We were told by the repo guys (who were VERY nice and patient and even helped me get things out of the car, as my husband wasn't home) that if we called Ally and could make an arrangement before they were gone from town in about 20 minutes that they could bring the car back. My husband called Ally from work and was not only laughed at but told that if the repo men were there, they could take the car for all the Ally reps cared. They were incredibly rude and told him that nobody from their redemption department would even speak to him until 24 hours after the car had been in their custody (so, tomorrow).

The car is now gone about three hours away to be held. Ally reps laughed my husband off; there is no record of the agreement he made with this Jeremiah and he has spoken to several representatives who have been beyond rude. They have brushed him off and have been inexcusably nasty. We're out of ideas; we can make the payments we agreed on this month but there is no record of the agreement and nobody knows what happened to this Jeremiah (or won't speak of it, either way). They have record of my husband speaking to him last on 01/06 which is correct and our last two payments are in their system. We heard nothing more from them since my husband last spoke to them on 01/06.

Please, if you can, avoid Ally Financial completely. I wish we could get our loan transferred to someone else.

  Wednesday, 01-18-12 00:14
Thank you all for your input. We were considering their high interest CDs, but were leary of their being an Internet Bank, versus a home town bank where we could visit.

George Mauro
  Wednesday, 01-11-12 14:37
Ally Financial should be shut down. They are incompetent. First of all, I haven't spoken to an english speaking representative, ever. Their english accent is so thick I can barely comprehend what they are saying. Which doesn't really matter, because they change their story weekly! I have had payment arrangements made, agreed upon and initiated, only to have another rep call me a week later with no record of such an agreement. If you don't like aggravation, frustration or anxiety, never, ever do business with Ally. And by extension, no more GMC unless I can pay cash. And with Obama in office, that's not likely.

  Wednesday, 01-11-12 01:56
You can add my name to the list of dissatisfied customers. GMAC was great; they were responsive and they knew how financing sold cars. The spin-off and restructuring of GMAC into Ally, which resulted from GMAC's disastrous decision to buy into home financing, has caused Ally to alienate the very customers it was created to bring to GM. Now, on a 0% 72 month loan, they charge late fees (for what?) at the drop of a hat, call me at 8 a.m. on Saturday mornings if I miss a payment by a week, and their website is down more than it's up, so I can't even hit the pay button if I want to. Horrible, and now I have a disincentive to buy a GM car again, which is a bummer. I want to buy American, but these assholes are making it hard to stomach.

  Tuesday, 01-03-12 16:28
Who else had a car reppoed over a holiday period? this
holiday period? Did they tell you when you called that they didn't have your loan? I can prove through various papers that they have had it since new (well, it was GMAC) and it would have been paid off in July. They're trying to find the file, but car is gathering those lot charges. WHo do you go to for help? Is there a class of us?

Mis cell Aneous
  Tuesday, 01-03-12 08:31
using ally internet bank for cds has been a frustrating process. after cds matured there were numerous delays transferring our $. Called 1 day before maturity, on dec15,2011 and now 1/3, 2012 the $ was returned to ally - we still do not have our $ and ally does not compensate customers for delays - tried wire, and electronic transfer to no avail, now trying to have them send out a check by overnight mail - maybe we'll get a check by 1/6/2012 then we have to wait 3 business days for it to clear. and maybe we'll have our $ by 1/12/12, which is almost 30 days past maturity - when you call the customer service you get agents from Washington or Pennsylvania, USA to Kichner Ontario, and there are no direct #s. You will be put on hold for 20 minutes and then routinely disconnect. I will be reporting Ally to the Dept. of Banking in Pennsylvania where they're located, though they operate under laws of Utah, who will also get a complaint. Do business with a physical bank that you can go into and speak person-to-person.

  Thursday, 12-29-11 12:19
7 more payments to go! 6 years zero interest from GMAC was nice but I will never finance a car through ALLY willingly.

  Tuesday, 12-27-11 20:16
I sold my car to a coworker that was financed through Ally. She gave me a check my husband paid off the car. Never the less Ally says 6-8 weeks for a title. We have been waiting almost two months for a title!!!! And now this coworker is threatening to sue us!!! Thanks Ally for giving us a title in a timely manner! My husband and I will never finance through them again!!!!!!!!

They took my Soul!
  Monday, 12-26-11 11:10
We also had a car repo'd by Ally just this week. I tried to contact them several times but was never able to get anyone live on the phone. They came to take the car on Tuesday night. On Wednesday I got a phone call from a man at Ally to let me know if I did not make a payment they would repo the Soul. I asked the man if perhaps he should of called me before hand and advised me of this... He had no answer. Yes I was late in my payment, however they are a nightmare to work with.
Merry Christmas Ally!

Charlie Kupilik
  Wednesday, 12-14-11 19:40
DO NOT use ally for a bank or a finace company ever! This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I can not beleave that it can be so hard to get someone to take my money. The on-line payment center is a joke created an account one day locked out of it less than 24 hours later. trying to call them good luck if you can get throu without getting a b.s. message about there system being down then you will be stuck talking to someone that is most likely a 12 year old in India or some 3rd world country who will probably just refer you tho the dam web site that doesent f-ing work. I will be refinacing my auto loan asap and advise everyone else to do the same.

  Friday, 12-09-11 09:52
I bought a new car in 2006 financed by GMAC over 72 months at zero percent interest. I'd been paying my account on a timely basis until the economic fallout of 2008. I lost my job and things went downhill from there.

In Sept. 2010 I was in arrears 60 days. The Legal Dept. of Ally Financial in Jacksonville, FL promised me that if I made those two payments in that month of Sept., they would reduce the amount of my monthly payment about 1/3rd down from $505

Well, I made an enormous sacrifice to get those two payments in to them during the month of September - just as they asked - and when I followed-up to discuss the reduction of my monthly payment, I was told the person who made that promise to me (Toni Smith) no longer worked there. They said that they "could not follow-through on promises made by someone no longer employed there". I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I asked whether these conversations are documented or not but I got nowhere. They began to get very aggressive and verbally abusive over the phone.

Less than three (3) months later - in Dec. 2010 - I notified them both in writing and over the phone that I would be filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy so as to not lose my house and/or the car. Yet, less than ten (10) days later, they had repossessed my car without any warning of any kind....NONE! No verbal warning over the phone, no correspondence, nothing!

I was able to recuperate the car after my bankruptcy petition was filed and when I got it back, it had sustained some auto body damage along with damage to the gear shifter. Something had happened to the transmission which was now very slippery. I was unable to get that resolved because shortly thereafter, they repossessed the car again…a second time!

The court dismissed my petition because I could not afford an attorney and was representing myself (pro se) and they (Ally) immediately took the car without even having the decency to ask me whether I was in a position to pay ANY portion of my 30 to 60 day arrears. The people at Ally Financial are disgusting! DISGUSTING!!!

They eventually admitted to me in writing (a letter I still have) that they had not received any of my written communications even though I have a registered mail receipt for every letter I sent them during that time.

I am sickened to see how they get away with garbage like this. People should get together to sue this diabolical enterprise ASAP. I had relatively little left on my contract and lost everything. More than $23,000 in payments made and the car itself.

That's not all...they also billed me $5,800 after they auctioned my car for what they called a "deficiency". How outrageous! I hope the people responsible for making these illegal decisions burn in a fiery hell.

Additionally, I hope that all of what is Ally Financial comes crashing to the ground in a massive financial collapse. I pray that not be too far away...

  Saturday, 12-03-11 17:04
That's scary. Any Chance that it is an ID thief trying to open an account using your husband's SSN? I recently read an article about how someone was getting bank emails sent to him with someone else's name. He found out that people were using his social security number to open the accounts.

Here is the article on MSN...


Keep us posted with what you find out about this situation.

  Saturday, 12-03-11 15:47
Just recieved a "Welcome" letter stating my husband opened an online savings account which he didn't. Had his name and SSN. Our mortgage is through GMAC. Can't figure how they could legally open an account in his name without permission but very unhappy.

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