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  Saturday, 08-11-12 00:49
I've been an Ally customer for approximately 4 months.

During that period, my place of employment has attempted to direct deposit my paychecks into Ally, but the deposits were rejected. I then tried to e-check deposit my paychecks....which Ally held for 12 days EACH time before depositing. In the mean time, I had checked and double checked and triple checked that the account information that was being used was correct. Each time I called Ally I was subjected to yammerings about account numbers that I've confirmed and hold times I find excessive, given the fact that it's a salary check for the same amount every two weeks. But, I figured it would all be fine when the direct deposit issue was fixed.

After five attempts, my accounting department said "Good news, your deposit has been accepted!" and I was so happy. But on deposit day, my money wasn't in my account. My pay stub said "This is not a check" and Ally said "We don't know where your money is...but it may take us 24 to 48 (business) hours to research it" On a Friday that means I won't hear from Ally until Tuesday, and if they DO find it, I'm sure they'll come up with a reason to hold it for another 12 days.

The worst part...while speaking with a customer service supervisor (almost as useless as a customer service representative, but with a more authoritative sounding title) she indicated that there was no way to further expedite my resolution, as it was a newly opened issue. WTF? I've been calling over and over for months about the same issue. Maybe it's a bit different than the last eight calls, but it still boils down to the same. little. nugget. My direct deposit isn't being deposited and Ally won't give me my money.

The fee-less accounts, the interest, the convenience, the friendly customer service, the e-check deposit...it all sounds fantastic, but BEWARE. You'll continuously call with the same issues. You'll wait weeks for access to your own money and there is no direct line to the resolution center...leaving you at the mercy of friendly, but relatively helpless customer service reps (and supervisors).

I'll be posting this review on every available site for each waking hour that my funds remain missing in some Ally limbo. At the earliest availability I'll be removing my money and marching it straight toward the teller of a better bank...if there is such a thing.

Wish me luck.

Never Again!
  Thursday, 08-09-12 20:51
I will never do business with Ally again and would not recommend them to anyone. Customer service is terrible - they could care less about their customers.

  Friday, 07-27-12 10:58
I paid my loan off and was told by the rep that gave me my payoff amount that my documents (ie Lein release) would not be held if I paid it off with a credit card. Then when it was paid I called and that rep told me I could call on Friday to get a faxed copy of my lein release. So I called today and was informed that I had been misinformed and my docs were being held for ten days. They weren't willing to do anything to help me at all. Not overnight them to me, unless I paid for it, NOTHING! It was their error and they would make no effort to help. Amazing!

  Wednesday, 07-25-12 14:10
When my wife first lost her job last year we paid the "minimum due" for the account. We were told by an Ally auto financial representative that if we made the minimum due payment that there would be no abnormal postings to my credit score and we made 3 such consecutive payments. I am in the process of buying a new home and I was contacted by my financial adviser who told me that my Perfect 720 credit score has dropped to s 648 due to 3 "late payments". I contacted Ally a total of 6 times receiving a run around from foreigners I could scarcely understand just to be told that there was nothing that could be done. These fraudulent charges to my credit have resulted in my projected mortgage total increase of 8000$ over the life of the loan.

Ed v.
  Monday, 07-16-12 19:37
Ally sucks period.

Auto Banker
  Friday, 07-06-12 17:02
To Hmmm, I got he same leter and called Ally, where I recieved phenomenal customer service and a good ear considering I was on the verge of tears thinking I was going to lose my first car before my second payment. Turns out it was the dealership that was trying to pull a fast one on me. I have no issues with Ally. I pay my bill on time (I pay more than the agreed rate which means I have caught up on my APR) and have never had any issues since that first scary letter.

  Tuesday, 07-03-12 09:16
Very rude. Absolute opposite of their clever TV ads, where their message is it's the right thing to do. HA! Please try to have some continuity between your ads and real life customer service and policy.

  Sunday, 06-24-12 13:26
I have had more than one CD account with GMAC/ALLY an have never had a problem. Never used their banking service so cannot comment on their action there. Good rates as any on CD's and a lot better than many.

  Sunday, 06-10-12 11:58
People, I keep telling you this is the greatest bank going. I jumped ship from Bank of America, Academy Bank, and a local bank in my hometown to go with Ally. They are a virtual, on line bank with little overhead compared to the monster banks you see in your community that you have to support with your bank account. Try them, you will like them.

  Monday, 06-04-12 16:17
Is it just me or do almost all the negative comments use poor spelling and grammar? Also, they almost all have to do with Ally Financial (the auto loan side of the business), not Ally Bank. Readers, consider the source before believing everything you read online.

  Wednesday, 05-30-12 13:15
Converted from a chapter 13 to a chapter 7 in 2010, was financed through Ally with bad credit, now it is 2012 and I have good credit Ally turned down my loan stating I had 2 bankruptcies on my credit, Which were the same ones from the conversion in 2010 which they approved the loan for 2011, Have contacted an attorney and bringing legal action against Ally for unfair business practices

  Tuesday, 05-29-12 12:48
Ally is a joke. I had one check overdrawn, and they closed my account automatically and never contacted me about it. I was using Ally for internet sales, but when I found out that my account was closed due to my sales income being returned to the cc merchant, I called Ally and was told that I am blocked from ever having an Ally account and my account was closed because I was overdrawn. One time! Really Ally?? Also Ally outsources. Every time I have called Ally, I get a person obviously in India because the accent is so strong I can barely understand them. I feel like I'm in that commercial where the credit card rep guy is in Russia and is reading from a script saying "My name...Peggy." In this economy, it is horrible that these companies take what should be jobs for Americans and send them overseas. I do not want to do business with companies that outsource anyway. Shame on you Ally!!

  Sunday, 05-27-12 17:09
I have a car loan through them and they are the WORST!!!!! This month alone they've taken my car payment out THREE TIMES! I'm a single parent of a 4 year old child and I can't afford to have my account overdrawn because they screw up. In addition, I can't even talk to someone who speaks English!!!! What effin country is this business located in?!?!?!!?

Dana R.
  Friday, 05-18-12 17:07
Ally Bank has been the worst experience in banking thus far (trust me that is saying something). You cannot deposit cash (whoever heard such a thing.)

  Friday, 05-18-12 15:16
No loans with Ally, I just have 250K sitting in a savings account. Tried to log in 5-16-12 and was presented with a screen demanding that I agree to electronic communication with them. I have agreed to that in the past and have been receiving electronic statements etc. for the last 4 years. Now I have to agree again to that and also to allow them to report my dealings with them to credit reporting companies like experian and equifax.
I am not interested in borrowing money or any kind of credit line and will not agree to let them report my personal business to credit companies. If I do not agree, I will not be able to access my account on line. They are using a new and dirty tactic: Agree or else we will punish you! Instead, I will punish them by demanding paper communications which will cost them to print and mail. When I want to check my balance or transfer funds, I will utilize a customer service rep which will really cost them more money. I went through this type of harassment from Edward Jones about a year ago. They cut off my access when I wouldn't agree to let them "use any and all information communicated with them on line by anyone for any purpose". I have been selling my holdings with them ever since and soon will be free of those tyrants. Ally advertises "no nonsense". All they have done is cost themselves way more to maintain my account and have totally enraged me over their treatment. I can only pray that a substantial number of folks do as I am doing and make them pay dearly for this kind of treatment. What a slap in the face!

Jenn Vanamburg
  Friday, 05-11-12 04:33
There was a situation with ally and my mother. I plan on filing suit. For those who post get in contact vanamburgj@morganservices.com, as I would love to hear your story

Harpreet Bali
  Monday, 04-30-12 18:04
I will say never finance your car loan with this bank i got to know from other bank that they should suppose to send us a Lien title and it is required by fedreal law that i should have copy have it they never send me and rally gave me a big issues when i refaninced my car.They keep disconnecting my phone.

Go to SECU Credit union they gave me the half of apr rate of ally the best bank i have ever seen even you dont have good credit rating.

So if you need a car loan and going to ALLY is a big mistake your making in your life thats what i suggest you.

  Monday, 04-23-12 14:27
New customer to Ally and am overjoyed with the ease and convenience of a virtual internet bank. Best thing going as the only problems I had were my own mistakes, and I think that would be the problem of those complaints that I read.

Fraud help
  Monday, 04-23-12 12:58
I am going to file a police report against them for fraud! I called to see if my car loan got approved and there automated system asks for your social so I put it in and guess what to my surprise I had to accounts opened under my social and neither of them are for my truck! So I asked what is going on? Why do I have those to other accounts under my social and they had the guts to tell me if I couldn't provide them with the "vin" number to those other two Vehicles they couldn't give me no more information. I said I don't know since they are not my vehicles!!!! That's what I'm trying to figure out why they are under my social to begin with!!!! I don't know what to do other then to go to the police cause they won't give me any info even though it's my social!!! Redicules! And to top it off the loan i was calling about in the first place went through. So now I dont know what to do about that one all I know is that I want nothing to do with these people and bank!!!!!! Can anyone give me some advice my email is mendezfamily1@yahoo.

  Thursday, 04-19-12 20:46
Great bank. As per some of the comments below, have you ever used another banks? Example:
Check deposits of $5,000 or less will be available after 2 business days. For deposits over $5,000, the first $5,000 will be available after 2 business days and the remainder will be available after 4 business days. People are ignorant and do not understand policy and procedures. Maybe take some time to read/research before banking, they would then have a better understanding. Overall great bank and would recommend.

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