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  Thursday, 07-24-14 09:49
Stay away from Igo banking!!!

Wow! Stay away from this bank! They put a freeze on my account and charged me $125 all because I have the same name as someone that has a judgement against them. I have nothing else in common with this person, however they froze my assets and did so the same week that I was buying a house! I now have to sue them and try to undo all the damage they caused. It is unbelievable that a bank would freeze the account of someone just because they have the same name. I even live 3000 miles away from the person! Take my advice and STAY AWAY from igo bank!

  Wednesday, 06-12-13 14:50
Absolutely the worst banking experience I have ever had. They have my internet access locked out and I have been calling for two weeks trying to find someone who can reset it. They make me explain every time, then put me on hold, then say they will call back, but nothing happens.

iGo Away
  Friday, 11-16-12 11:12
They renewed CD's even after asking them not to several times. If you call, they say you have to send an email. If you email, they say do not send account information via email.

  Monday, 10-22-12 22:41
This bank holds your money hostage!! 15K tranfer limit and I'm closing on a house so I need more than that. Had go call/email multiple times to get a check FedExed (at my expense)to get the rest of MY MONEY!!! I'm closing this account ASAP and praying I can still close on my house on time.

  Monday, 05-14-12 11:46
I have no problems with this bank. very pleased,and the csr i spoke with(Maria)is very nice. i signed up for email alert as per her suggestion.

lillian canter
  Tuesday, 05-01-12 10:09
please send me accrued interest

Purvis Evans
  Friday, 01-20-12 20:38
Hard to login to iGoBanking!

They claim I give the wrong security answers: Favorite restaurant? Don't eat out. Favorite beverage? Water. Favorite person? Myself. Favorite movie? "World Money" (I produced it.) Favorite book? "Dominion" by Matthew Scully.

Shades of Kafka!

  Friday, 12-30-11 19:02
I was now able to get hold of a rep at this bank.... Says all of my sign in data and email address was lost due to not signing in recently enough. Has now rectified so that I can sign in. But very little backup info appears to be avail on site and none at all sent in mail since I opened the cd's. Personally I intend to open any future cd's elsewhere.

  Friday, 12-09-11 13:29

  Monday, 06-06-11 19:17
Stay away from this bank if you want good customer service and any sort of control over your account. Customer service is only available 9-5pm EST M-F, so if you are on the West, you only have until 2pm. They have no overdraft, and if you make one mistake, their bill pay company Metavante will freeze your account for 5 business days which cancels all pending payments. Recently their system duplicated a payment which overdrew my account, but Metavante still won't unfreeze my account even though the bank asked them to. Now suddenly I am locked out of my online account with no access at all for some unknown reason and of course customer service isn't available because it's 3:30 PST. Not worth the aggravation. I just moved everything to Ally where they have overdraft, 24/7 customer service and equal interest rates.

  Friday, 02-04-11 10:02
My past experience with iGO has been very pleasant from start to finish. They strive to have great customer service and the service has changed for the best to satisfy there customers.

  Wednesday, 11-17-10 13:34
Wow is right, I like most saw the interest rate and thought there has to be a catch. Based on all the comments I think I'll leave my money in Ally Bank, they are an on-line bank that pays better interest than either or my other two banks at the moment. Their website is awesome, easy to navagate and their email system is efficient and effective. I have never had any issues when calling them. Better rates are based on little to no overhead.

  Wednesday, 11-17-10 11:01
I applied and sent off a lot of money to igobank. After 15 days with no account, no response, no callback to several calls I bailed. I was able to kill the deal and got most of the money back. I think anyone dealing with this bank WILL GET BURNED!!

  Tuesday, 11-16-10 13:26
Never had a problem with iGo. Probably really busy over the past couple of weeks because their CD was so good compared to other banks.
Try them again - always responsive for me.

  Friday, 11-05-10 13:52
try to reach them via phone before you put your money in this bank

  Wednesday, 10-27-10 13:35
over one week that I EFT'ed funds to fund my CD and I still have no access to an account.Is there a charge for an ACH to take funds out?

  Monday, 09-06-10 10:56
With all these negative reviews, why doesn't someone inform the Banking Authorities / FDIC to investigate and review IGO banking?

  Wednesday, 05-12-10 06:22
Opened a cd account for 3.00 3.25% apy when the account opened it was only for 2.71 they said I opened an account that gave me a free gift which gave me a lower rate. I never even got that choice. They said they would fix it by the end of the day. Day 2 still no fix.

Ross R
  Wednesday, 05-20-09 17:07
IGO just turned me down. They said that on Chex systems, there
were too many inquiries.
Therefore, IGO to another bank.

  Saturday, 02-07-09 22:17
How long before I can actually see the money start compounding?

I've had my account open for 5 days and I still don't see my account compounding the interest (which is supposedly done daily).

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